Phins Up

There's a new guy playin' at The Captain's Galley this year and he's a lot better suited to The Galley's tropical atmosphere. Not only does he look like Jimmy Buffett, he sounds a lot like him too. Then, when he plays Gordon Lightfoot, he sounds just like LightfootGordon . This guy is good!

Here's his website: You can click his "MP3s" link at the top of the page, then click on either Margaritaville, We Are The People Our Parents Warned Us About or Little Miss Magic to hear a quick clip of him singing Buffett. Then click on If You Could Read My Mind to see how much he can change his style and sound like Gordon Lightfoot.

He does a LOT of other artists too as you can see from his "Songlist" page........alphabetically, from America to The Who......and Neil Young.

......And yes Joe, Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald is on his song list.

Just tryin' to keep my Phins Up, Terry ~~~~~~~~~~~^~~~~~~^~~~~~~~~~~~